Bienfilm Production we provide services at all stages of video production. We help our clients to speak with their audience through the screen. When you come to us with an idea, we transform it into engaging visual content that is impossible to pause.

bring ideas
to reality!

You have a story to share. We have an idea that will make it memorable for eternity. It does not matter what you want: whether it’s to offer a product, to promote your idea, or simply to attract attention. We know how to do it right from the word go.

Our team – we have many professionals with years of experience, and a sincere love for their work. We are proud of it, because it is passion that drives us through every project. Our experts create stories that stand out among others and help to establish contact with the audience.

Bienfilm Production — this is a
full-cycle production video.

We help our clients to speak with the audience through the monitor screen.


Who are we?

We are a video production company that is always ready to work, regardless of the location or time zone.

We can shoot an advertisement of a ballpoint pen, draw an animation about the adventures of a toothpick, and make a report from the roof of a skyscraper.

We do not just produce a video.

Our team develops a video strategy - a series of clips in their own unique style. We work on each project completely, helping to maintain the brand image or creating it from scratch. Long-distance maintenance is our main advantage.

How do we do it?

We know what is in your viewer's head. No matter who he is and what language he speaks - we will make a video that is understandable to any audience, and we will find a common language with everyone.

We create a story that will be interesting to view. Our goal is to tell it in a way that helps it stick inside your head like your favorite song.

We understand how difficult it is to explain your idea to others, so we are doing all the processes of creating the video upon ourselves. You can come to us with a ready-made concept or just a desire – in the end we will give you a product that will satisfy both you and your audience.

Our team knows how to refine any idea.

We believe that every minute of a video can increase brand awareness, attract the attention of customers and show new values to company employees. It all depends on the tasks. Give them to us, and we will solve them.

Taking the video

In order “write” your story, we put together a very creative team. It functions as a support service that stays with you 24/7 and leads the project at different stages of video creation.

The team is engaged in everything from the selection of the font to the background color in the frame. What the viewer sees on the screen is a product of a hardworking team.

The idea is only the first brick in the foundation. Form is as important as the content.

The video should attract the viewer's attention in the first five seconds so that he does not want to press the “skip ad” button. And this is impossible without a high-quality visual.

We are able to beautifully “pack” any video format:
informational, advertising, image and corporate.

Video splicing and presenting the final product

We use video content to keep your brand in the spotlight.

To make sure that the product has a story, we make all the videos in one style. It helps to adhere to the integrity of the brand. You can see this for yourself by watching the final stage of creating a video. We are always glad to see you – whether it is at the filming site or in our offices.
In addition, we store all the footage. We can always return to it if you want to continue your story.

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